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Who We Are

We are a group of passionate digital marketers who have extensive experience in growing online retail brands in times both good & bad. With skills honed over decades of working with big advertising budgets, ambitious goals and rapid growth, we have both the grit, strategy & know-how to grow your business.

Armed with decades of experience,

we now come armed with the strategy & expertise

to thrive in any market.

Why jetfuel.agency?


Expert Team

Our team is packed with real, hands-on talents from around the globe who don't just know their stuff; they live and breathe it. Our constant growth and learning environment ensures that our expertise is not just up-to-date but pioneering. 


Effective & Efficient

Our approach to digital marketing is built on frequent testing and deep data dives, ensuring we're always a step ahead. We can make informed decisions faster, driving strategies that are both effective and efficient. Our clients get both short term quick wins and long-term results. d


Education & Transparency

Unlike many agencies, Jetfuel.agency prioritizes educating our clients on digital marketing strategies and trends. This approach ensures our clients are well-informed and active participants in their digital marketing journeys, but also builds a foundation of trust and transparency, which is crucial for long-term partnerships.


Data-driven Insights

At jetfuel.agency, we make sure our reports are not just information dumps, but roadmaps to success. We zero in on KPIs that resonate with your unique goals, breaking down complex data into a cohesive storyline. This approach helps our clients understand how our marketing efforts drive business objectives and foster informed decision-making.


Stellar Results, Happy Clients

Not only the decades of experience in marketing - our results speak volumes. This effectiveness is why our client retention rates are far above industry norms (94% in 2023). We believe in building lasting relationships, and our clients trust us to consistently deliver exceptional results with honesty, rigor, and reliability. 


Your Success is our Mission

Choosing jetfuel.agency means partnering with a team that is deeply committed to your success. We're not just a service provider; we're your strategic partner in the digital space, dedicated to nurturing your growth. Ready to dominate your digital marketing game? Jetfuel is your launchpad.


Galaxy of Principles

Be Collaborative

We foster direct and open communication and take accountability.

Be Curious

We keep asking “why” and “how”, and thinking outside the box. This helps us reimagine old strategies and solve problems.

Be Innovative

There are no wrong answers or bad ideas in a creative, positive work culture. That’s why we’re the pioneers in new technologies, strategies, and platforms.

Be Supportive

Coming from different backgrounds and cultures, we learn from each other and foster empathy. Our regular check-ins and huddles help us become closer.

Be Receptive

We take every opportunities to learn from a variety of sources. We give and take feedback and improve from it.

Be Gritty

We achieve everyday and long-term success through great passion and perseverance.

Meet the CEO

Success comes when you work with passion and perseverance.

Jetfuel.agency began with CEO, Edwin Choi, who loved selling stuff. He finds it exciting to know what can make people buy. He started at a young age when he made money flipping Magic: The Gathering cards. (until he was told that he would be expelled from school for continuing to do so!)

He continued on this path until 2009, when e-commerce beckoned after college, and Edwin started a career at a digital marketing agency doing Google Ads. He then moved on to an e-commerce company and rose through the ranks to become the VP of Marketing where he increased annual revenue to 25MM over a 4-year period. In 2017, he left day-to-day operations and started jetfuel.agency.

Several years later, jetfuel.agency is still here, a small but mighty agency nourishing talented individuals and helping clients grow and prosper.

Edwin Choi


Join our team

Do these principles resonate with you? We’d love to hear from you! At jetfuel.agency, we’re always looking for enthusiastic, hardworking minds who are excited about helping businesses grow.

Meet the Team