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A person deciding to work in-house or agency.
By Daly Leung October 7th, 2019

In-House Marketing vs Agency: Choose Your Marketing Career

When scrolling through job postings, you’ll see job positions for both companies and agencies. You might think: “I don’t have a preference and a job is a job. It doesn’t matter which company accepts me as long as I work hard, I will succeed.”  But that logic isn’t entirely accurate. There is a huge difference…

A teacher pointing to "Tips for a beginner in marketing" on a blackboard.
By Daly Leung July 8th, 2019

7 Things I Wish Someone Taught Me in My Introduction to Marketing: Marketing Fundamentals

$103 billion dollars. That’s a big number. And it’s also how much advertisers across the United States are collectively on track to spend on digital marketing by the end of 2019, as predicted by Ironpaper. To better visualize this major growth, $57 billion was spent on digital advertising in 2014. Advertising spending almost doubled within…

Two people placing YouTube logo on a computer screen with money raining down.
By Daly Leung June 24th, 2019

How to Advertise on YouTube with Our Complete Guide to YouTube Ads

YouTube is the second largest search engine. If you’re not advertising on YouTube then you are potentially missing out on some serious conversions. Let's make some money with YouTube ads! YouTube is not just a platform to share and upload adorable puppy videos. It is the new generations form of television and you know how…

By Daly Leung June 3rd, 2019

Conquer Your Digital Marketing Interview: Let’s Start Your Career in Digital Marketing

You just opened your email and saw a message from the DREAM company you want. Congratulations! You have been invited to an interview. That’s exciting, but now what? Your excitement turns into fear because you don’t know how to impress your interviewers. Your dream job is waiting for you. Don’t worry - we have a…

By Hannah Kim January 10th, 2019

An Intensive Step by Step Guide to Facebook Remarketing

You recently launched your Shopify site. You spent all night working on it. Fueled by coffee and determination, you pressed the green button and it’s now LIVE! Just launched Shopify site. However, you look at your sales dashboard. Your heart sinks into the floor. 0 sales. A big, fat goose egg.  People are flocking to…

By Hannah Kim August 16th, 2018

How to Make Profitable Gmail Ads in 2019

Updated: April 14, 2019 Ding! You’ve got mail. As you fire up your inbox, your heart is racing with excitement. “It’s my Coachella ticket delivery confirmation, I just know it!!!,” you scream to yourself. But wait. The headline reads... “Calling all marketers. The Answer to EVERY Gmail Ad Question You’ll Ever Have.” You've got mail.…

By Hannah Kim July 26th, 2018

The World’s Best Guide to Writing Google AdWords Ads (With Examples)

You are preparing for the biggest meeting of your life. Your boss is demanding ad copy. Not just any ad copy. It needs to amaze. Inspire. SELL! Suddenly, sweat drips down your face. You’re slamming your keyboard now, desperately searching for help online. You are suddenly feeling very small. Don’t worry. We got your back.…

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