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Theo Chocolate

Theo Chocolate was founded in January of 2005 with a focus on wanting to create a positive impact for the chocolate industry. They focused on having a direct relationship with cocoa farmers and building out an infrastructure to produce chocolate end to end. The big difference between Theo and other chocolate brands is that the former is organic, fair trade, and ensures that everyone is treated fairly throughout the entire process.

Theo has built up a strong national brand in the grocery channel nationwide. Initially, they started e-commerce in-house but it was not a focus until the last 2 years. Lynne Rowan joined relatively recently as a Brand Manager and was chartered with growing the direct to consumer business. However, no investment in media was made to support the channel and a lot was done part time by employees.

After they re-platformed and moved to a better site, they were finally ready to start investing in digital media. Lynne was tasked with building out the program, and that’s when came in.

The Solutions

We definitely recommend, due to them being true experts in the subject matter.

Lynne’s team set up everything in-house and essentially did what they could in the time they had available. Managing the day to day intricacies of the marketing channels was not their area of expertise and the Theo team felt like they lacked sufficient experience and subject matter on how to grow the DTC side of their business. However, they knew that they both wanted and needed growth and results.

They were evaluating a few different agencies, but they could tell that the prospects weren’t as engaged due to the perceived lack of budget. They also didn’t have clear CPG (Consumer packaged goods) experience nor did they seem particularly excited to work with the brand.

How Helped

By quickly downloading the brand’s voice and unique story, took over all accounts starting on Black Friday.

Onboarding occurred quickly under pressure and goal KPI expectations were not only met, but exceeded. The team worked closely with the Theo team to educate, support and distill tangible learnings that would move their business forward. Lastly, a custom 11-point action plan was built for marketing response in light of COVID19 and kept the Theo team on top of the latest trends and shifts in marketing conditions.

Results, Returns on Investment and Future Plans

In terms of Direct to consumer, this is how Theo and teams collectively weathered the storm in 2020:

  • Built Direct to consumer infrastructure and all channels
  • 65% increase in traffic year-over-year
  • 131% increase in revenue year-over-year
  • 170% increase in conversion rates year-over-year
  • Hitting efficiency/ROAS metrics every quarter since e-commerce platform was launched.

According to Theo, “We would definitely recommend, due to them being true experts in the subject matter. They have been very committed to the brand and are super proactive to ideas.”

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