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You recently launched your Shopify site. You spent all night working on it. Fueled by coffee and determination, you pressed the green button and it’s now LIVE! However, you look at your sales dashboard. Your heart sinks into the floor. 0 sales. A big, fat goose egg.  People are flocking to the site, but they […]

Updated: April 14, 2019 Ding! You’ve got mail. As you fire up your inbox, your heart is racing with excitement. “It’s my Coachella ticket delivery confirmation, I just know it!!!,” you scream to yourself. But wait. The headline reads… “Calling all marketers. The Answer to EVERY Gmail Ad Question You’ll Ever Have.” Hold up. Gmail […]

You are preparing for the biggest meeting of your life. Your boss is demanding ad copy. Not just any ad copy. It needs to amaze. Inspire. SELL! Suddenly, sweat drips down your face. You’re slamming your keyboard now, desperately searching for help online. You are suddenly feeling very small. Don’t worry. We got your back. […]