Introduction In e-commerce, promotions (or offering sales and discounts) can be a game-changer and a key pillar of your annual strategy. They have the potential to significantly boost sales, attract new customers, and enhance brand loyalty. However, without a clear, data-driven e-commerce promotion strategy, they can also become a resource drain or destroy your margins […]

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Link tracking is one of the most powerful assets when it comes to digital marketing. However, many marketers that I have spoken with are not quite sure of the importance or are confused about the entire process. This thorough guide will explain the idea behind link tracking and how it works. What is a link? […]

We are living in an unprecedented time.  Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a pandemic that we have not seen in recent memory, and it’s wreaking havoc.  How’s the economy going to recover? Unemployment will approach numbers not seen since the Great Depression. More small businesses (as well as some large ones) are shutting their doors forever.  We […]

Digital marketing is in high demand recently. Companies began to emphasize the importance of social strategies and digital advertising in their overall marketing strategy. This results in a larger budget for their marketing department, increase salary and better employment opportunities for potential digital marketers.  Table Of Contents What is Digital Marketing? Why is Digital Marketing […]

Even Picasso needs the right tools to create art! Do you have the right tools to set yourself up for success in digital marketing? It doesn’t matter if you are the best digital marketer in the world or a completely new digital marketer, your tools are what makes or breaks your success. When you aren’t […]

If you have any experience in building ad campaigns on Adwords, you probably know the importance of having a great campaign structure. Most digital marketers dive heavily into their non-branded campaigns and generate a decent return on ad spend (ROAS). That’s great! But they are missing out on tons of conversions when they neglect this […]

Your e-commerce business is starting off and you are probably generating some monthly sales. Good job, you are beginning your journey in e-commerce! But you have the potential to generate even more sales. The key is mobile users. Companies like Google have reported that mobile device searches outpaced desktop searches.  Research shows that 58% of […]

What do you know about backlinks? You always see the word “backlinks” when it comes to SEO. Every SEO guide created stresses the importance of backlinks. And if you practice SEO for any time, it is common knowledge that backlinks will boost your page ranking on Google. If you’re a business, backlinks are exactly what […]

When scrolling through job postings, you’ll see job positions for both companies and agencies. You might think: “I don’t have a preference and a job is a job. It doesn’t matter which company accepts me as long as I work hard, I will succeed.”  But that logic isn’t entirely accurate. There is a huge difference […]

$103 billion dollars. That’s a big number. And it’s also how much advertisers across the United States are collectively on track to spend on digital marketing by the end of 2019, as predicted by Ironpaper. To better visualize this major growth, $57 billion was spent on digital advertising in 2014. Advertising spending almost doubled within […]

YouTube is the second largest search engine. If you’re not advertising on YouTube then you are potentially missing out on some serious conversions. YouTube is not just a platform to share and upload adorable puppy videos. It is the new generations form of television and you know how attention-grabbing television ads were in the past. […]

You just opened your email and saw a message from the DREAM company you want. Congratulations! You have been invited to an interview. That’s exciting, but now what? Your excitement turns into fear because you don’t know how to impress your interviewers. Table Of Contents How to Make Your Resume Stand Out Tips for Success […]

You recently launched your Shopify site. You spent all night working on it. Fueled by coffee and determination, you pressed the green button and it’s now LIVE! However, you look at your sales dashboard. Your heart sinks into the floor. 0 sales. A big, fat goose egg.  People are flocking to the site, but they […]

Updated: April 14, 2019 Ding! You’ve got mail. As you fire up your inbox, your heart is racing with excitement. “It’s my Coachella ticket delivery confirmation, I just know it!!!,” you scream to yourself. But wait. The headline reads… “Calling all marketers. The Answer to EVERY Gmail Ad Question You’ll Ever Have.” Hold up. Gmail […]

You are preparing for the biggest meeting of your life. Your boss is demanding ad copy. Not just any ad copy. It needs to amaze. Inspire. SELL! Suddenly, sweat drips down your face. You’re slamming your keyboard now, desperately searching for help online. You are suddenly feeling very small. Don’t worry. We got your back. […]